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Summary of annual progress

0 I am pleased to report another year of progress by the company. This

00 performance has been achieved in the most toughest market conditions we have

34 seen for many years yet. It reflects the effort over the past five years that has

35 gone into transforming of our company into a highly competitive world-class

36 business. Since 2002, we have managed to improve almost double our profits, and this

37 increase in profitability has been placed us at the top of the global glass industry.

38 We have managed to succeed this in difficult trading conditions for a number of

39 reasons, the most important of which has been from our ability to stay ahead

40 of our competitors. We have refused to allow stand still and have continued to bring

41 out a number of new products, most of which are already on the sale in our key

42 markets. All this goes to confirm that the company's position as the recognised

43 industry leader in technical innovation. We realise that there is still much more to

44 be done, but we believe that we know precisely what extra this is and we have

45 already put into place organisational and technical changes to bring this about.

《Summary of annual progress》,年度進步總結。應該是公司領導在年度總結大會上做的報告,比較簡短。


35題,transform into,詞組搭配,表示把…..轉變成。of多余。

36題,we have managed to improve almost double our profits,這個句子有兩個謂語動詞,improve和double,所以有一個多余。保留improve的話,almost的位置不對,所以應該去掉improve,直接用double表示加倍。

37題,這個句子的意思是說利潤的增長已經將我們公司置于全球玻璃行業頂尖的位置。強調的動作的完成,如果用has been就是強調動作的一直持續。所以been多余。

38題,succeed in固定搭配,this多余


40題,又是兩個動詞同時使用,重復了,必須去掉一個。句子的意思是我們拒絕原地踏步,stand still是原地踏步。所以去掉allow。

41題,on sale,固定搭配,降價的意思。去掉the。

42題,如果用that,后面應該接從句。而這句的后面不是從句。直接是comfirm as,表示確認公司作為行業領頭羊的地位。


44題,what this is,我們明確的知道這些是什么,extra多余。


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